I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved: B. R. Ambedkar

Women’s rights mainly include equality, dignity, and freedom from discrimination as per our constitution. Though there have been several women who have achieved success in government and private sectors, many women especially from lower income groups, backward and rural areas still face significant difficulties. For example, issues related to malnutrition, abuse, gender pay gap etc.

Women constitute a big chunk of our population, but their contribution to the economy of our country is very low. This portrays that there are not equal opportunities available for women in the society and the responsibilities which are given to them do not contribute towards the GDP of the nation. Therefore Women need to be provided with equal opportunities at work, education and access to resources of the country.

Empowerment means people having power and control over their own decisions. Women when empowered will then be able to exercise their power for the benefit of self and make meaningful contributions to the well-being of society and in the process gain respect for themselves. We at Tapasvi believe that such power comes from knowledge and strength to use that knowledge in the right place and time.

Our programs help in the betterment of women by providing adequate literacy, awareness about nutritious diet, functional skills, vocational skills, awareness of their citizen rights and enable them to use these inputs for improvement of their self-esteem and socio-economic status. Thus, Tapasvi contributes in making the society and world a better place to live in, by way of inclusive participation.