Organic farming is one of the widely used methods, which is thought of as the best alternative to avoid the ill effects of chemical farming.

It is defined as ‘a system that is designed and maintained to produce agricultural products by the use of methods and substances that maintain the integrity of organic agricultural products until they reach the consumer.This is accomplished by using substances, to full fill any specific fluctuation within the system so as to maintain long term soil biological activity, ensure effective peak management, recycle wastes to return nutrients to the land, provide attentive care for farm animals and handle the agricultural products without the use of extraneous synthetic additives or processing in accordance with the act and the regulations in this part’.

The growth rate of market values of organic products is about 20 per cent per annum in some countries. Strong marketing networks linking the farms, processing and distribution and the organisation of production under the NGOs with stringent certification programmes were other facts, which contributed to the growth of organic farming.


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