“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful,To be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some Difference that you have lived and lived well”

Ability to help will the solution that address the need for a hands-free, portable, remote audio and visual guidance system that has broad applicability across the India. A tele-guidance system such a helping hand is readily acceptable by donors.

TAPSVI has the plans to expand its horizons in areas that involve Research and Development of Social Welfare, Technical and skill development, provision of education that helps the individuals in becoming self-sustained and independent for their lives, provision of food, clothing, and shelter for the under privileged destitute, helpless women, Elders and the war heroes families as a token of support to build their confidence, dairy development, Tree plantation and conservation of trees in rural and urban areas as well as development that help in national development.

The Volunteers of tapasvi and outside people who are interested in doing service will teamed up and move together. To meet the needs of the people in the rural area, slum area, in old age homes, Schools, and on roads etc., In the name of Helping hands as a team will do service to the people. The team can help with large projects and semi projects also.

There are Opportunities to fit any situation whether it is one to one with an Isolated Senior, providing handy man duties working as a team or family to help a family in need or, Joining in the fun of the Food Drive. Mature adults can help less mobile Senior. There is an increasing need for Volunteer Drive.

The tapasvi Helping Hands is bring it new type of helping for those who can directly help the donors to needy. For that hands free – low-cost systems across India. The tapasvi Voluntaries will move all over India by remote areas, for identifying them. The voluntaries identify the need, around areas, health, cloth, food, etc. like education and their living still takes videos, short films audios etc. of them! We provide them tell guidance system also for this type of services. We requesting all over India likeminded people who are youth as Volunteers.

The Voluntaries no need to give their time only if they identify any very people need help, they came immediately mail to our Helping hands by India area details photos and type of help need. The tapasvi will go hands to reach them immediate.


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