If art is to nourish the roots of our culture,

society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.

The motto of this services is to get connected by identifying talent in all areas in the people and bring them in to one place by bonding human relations. By coordinating with other organizations, TAPASVI  designs the program to “Honor them” and to give proper or sufficient encouragement to the deserved. TAPASVI also support, if needed, to encourage the needed to get up to their talents. Tapasvi also gives support to talents by conducting various entertainment programs, conducting sports and events, contests in drawing, arts, Dramas, and socio cultural events, and personality development workshops that includes, Debates, lectures and all such events that help in the encouragement and upliftment of the society.

The recognition identifies selection criteria.  The selection criteria may be linked to TAPASVI’s mission or core values or positive behaviors.  To help with this process and create an excellence, a survey shall be conducted periodically to find out the qualities, ideas or attributes of special value that the candidate should exhibit for getting nominated to get awarded. TAPASVI also seeks inputs from various sources of society about the areas that deserve recognition. Some concepts of selection criteria are Teamwork, Going the Extra Mile, Customer Service, Professional Development, and Award for Excellence, Creativity and Innovation, Performance Excellence, Leadership, Commitment, Flexibility, Innovative ideas and concepts, and hence innovations that help in the social upliftment, development, and progress. TAPASVI services cover all categories of peoples. The main motto of this service is to connect with all types of people at one place, conduct Entertainment programs, and to bond the human relations. TAPASVI volunteers will identify, design, and organize the programs to be conducted in these areas. TAPASVI will collaborate with other organizations, get sponsorships from various esteemed individuals, corporates, and any such other bodies.

The members will take children and old age people to tours excursions, entertainment movies, will conduct fashion shows, mingle with other organization members. Tapasvi will conduct the programs in different areas that include environment awareness, health checkup camps, health awareness, water pollution awareness , awareness in human relations, legal aid and awareness, Swachh Bharath Abhiyaan,  women empowerment, tailoring, and agriculture activities.