Talented Aspirants Peoples Action for the Society to Vigorous India(TAPASVI):

  • Is formed in the year 1st January 1997 as TAPASVI and Registered u/s A. P. (Telangana Areas) Public Societies Registration Act 1350F (Act No: 1 of 1350F) in the year 1997 June 26th with Regd No: 3052
  • Is a voluntary organization with a purpose of Welfare Service as part of promotion of Human cause.
  • TAPASVI will work and aspire for overall development of the individual and the society with the aim of creating self-reliant and self-sustaining society by bringing changes in attitudes and values of the individuals in the society.
  • TAPASVI wants to pull the talent and energy of youngsters for the new development. Our priority is to focus on the oppressed people and outreach for the unemployed to help them as part of social upliftment. TAPASVI comes forward and also invites proposals to work along from any such Regd Societies, Educational institutions and other interested institutes whose objectives and aims meet with TAPASVI.
  • to organize and plan activities which is more conducive to the promotion of human welfare and social justice.
  • TAPASVI has initiated and is involved in various projects to improve the skills that promote alternative source of income, conduct debates on policies, schemes, and projects. Similarly, conduct leadership workshops and trainings that focus on articulation and solving of issues and decision making.
  • to design Scientific Methods to the diagnose and find solutions for social problems by studying socio-economic factors that are influencers of problems. This involves the exercise to acquire special skills and techniques in dealing with them.
  • To establish its network of services across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and in all such parts of India by having it’s own branches in various places.

Origin and Establishment of TAPASVI

TAPASVI being a friend, companion, guide, and enabler, is working with the community by understanding its needs, resources, and methods to solve the problems identified in the society by following certain stages and techniques for educating and organizing a community for a common goal. This includes

  1. conducting surveys, collection and analysis of data through primary and secondary sources and hence maintain the records that can help in finding solutions for the social, economic, and political issues.
  2. Identifying the social needs of the community and prioritize them to help for alleviation.
  3. Inter group and interagency consultations.
  4. Coordinating and promoting social actions and legislations.
  5. Providing services that involve public relations and cooperation.
  6. Conduct discussions, group meetings, lectures, and arranging exhibitions and demonstrations.
  7. Demonstrating the usefulness of the proposed changes in the community.
  8. Administer, monitor, and direct the work taken and assigned by selecting and developing efficient and adequate staff, working with boards and committees.

In addition to the above, TAPASVI is having its own goal i.e. own projects viz.,

  1. The organization is implementing many awareness campaigns, health camps, training programs, summer water camps, guest lecturers for social upliftment especially the issues related with malnutrition and health in slum through group discussions, cultural programs, quizzes and debates in the schools and colleges and empower them by providing the necessary help.
  2. TAPASVI is providing home for seniors “HOME FOR ELDERS” who want or need the shelter and security of having care and assistance when they need it. TAPASVI facilitates the residents to stay active in maintaining relations with family and to remain engaged in community life.
  3. TAPASVI started an orphanage for the poor and neglected children in streets, orphans, by providing them good education to make them to be responsible citizens.
  4. TAPASVI works for the development of women esp., widows, divorcees, physically handicapped, or people who require encouragement offering training programmes in various streams that offer self-employment. These programmes include courses related to beautician, tailoring, embroidery, soft toys, pot painting, handicrafts, and others.
  5. TAPASVI also plans to start a free health point for all the poor who are in need and needy.
  6. To empower both rural and urban poor in self-sustaining their livelihoods by providing awareness trainings.

We request like-minded people to contribute to their minute to the Society for the development cause of the deprived, neglected, opposed and the needy. And also to recognize the efforts of TAPASVI for the cause to undertake programmes.

The society is founded by able literate CH. Padmavathi., who is an Arts Graduate in Sociology – BA and with a Post Graduate Diploma in Computers. Ms. Padmavathi also underwent through a training program on Project Development and Management for NGO’S from NIRD, specialized in sociology and prevailing social environment.

She has performed a survey in many pockets of the city as well as the rural areas: Her rich experience has stretched her in the following forays
Survey on beggars in the city – 1½ year.
Survey on street children for 6 months.
Survey on old age people for 6 months.
Survey on Tribal people for 6 months.

On a personal objective she was influenced with the problems encountered by the day-to-day activities in general, which is the result of growing gap between RICH and POOR and continuous increase of essential commodities needed for minimum of standard of living compelling her to contribute her every minute for the noble objective stated above.