A Sport is a physical or athletic activity that improves the cognitive and memory functions of the brain and brings about a mental and physical balance. Sports also teach us teamwork, problem-solving and leadership skills, enable goal setting, aid in character building and help in better social interaction. Sports also reduce stress and tension in a controlled way. Some people perceive it as a medium that instils self-esteem while some perceive it as a medium to connect with nature, self, others and God too.


Our organization believes that Sports Academy is where we can learn so many aspects of Life.
Sport is about managing excellence, coaching and developing tactics as well as strategies and has its own methods of downplaying social differences. Sports Academy is where we can learn so many aspects of life.

Tapasvi advocates for Sports to be made mandatory in the curriculum for all primary to high school children. Tapasvi has started an international sports academy for economically challenged kids and young adults to train them, nurture their talent and capacitate them to participate in national and international tournaments through scholarships and sponsorships.

Since December 2022, Tapasvi has been conducting weekly inter-school tournaments (under 14) in Kho-Kho, Kabaddi and Volleyball and encouraging them by giving TAPASVI CUPS in Armoor, Nizamabad.