Old Age believe me, is a good and pleasant thing. It is true you are gently shouldered off the stage, but then you are given such a comfortable front stall as a spectator: Confucius

Old Age is an integral part of Human Life. But unfortunately, it is the most unwelcomed and problem ridden phase, that people tend to shy away from. The main concerns pertaining to this phase are:

i) Physical problems – deterioration of health or chronic illness
ii) Cognitive problems – dementia and depression
iii)Emotional problems – death of a spouse, loneliness and isolation
iv) Social problems – limited social circle or fear of being cut off from earlier social circles
v)Financial problems

Serving the needs of senior citizens who wish to age gracefully with dignity, may involve assistance in their daily activities or chores and their healthcare (long term care, adult day care etc.). They worked hard all their lives, brought up children, and later took care of grandchildren. Now, at the last stage of their life, when they are helpless and lack even food and shelter, they deserve our help.

Tapasvi serves poor, abandoned and helpless senior citizens who need assistance with daily living. Our compassionate caregivers / staff ensure special attention is given to their diet, shelter, safety, basic healthcare and medication in a peaceful and harmonious environment of our centre. We also go an extra mile, and ensure that if there arises a requirement of such care for any of our donors or sponsors we arrange for spiritual sessions, allot a caregiver, arrange for medical care, physio therapy, nursing services etc.