Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future: J. F. Kennedy

The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

The children who are precious resources, were not being taken care of in backward and poverty ridden areas of our nation. While pursuing her college education, Tapasvi’s founder was moved by the plight of destitute and street children, especially in rural areas devoid of proper healthcare, sanitation, drinking water and nourishment. This prompted her to take up service for the social cause of enhancing their lives and their self-sustainability.

A person cannot live without sustenance, a place to sleep and protection of oneself from environmental conditions. We adopt children who are semi-orphans, challenged and economically backward and provide them with the basic necessities – free food, clothing and shelter and Education. In today’s world, Education has also become equally necessary. The key to leading a contented and prosperous life is education. It assists us in identifying our hidden abilities and talents, which we can use to advance our careers, find employment, ensure our promising future and thus remain self-sustained. Education provides knowledge, training and skills and inculcates new thoughts and insights among youngsters. It contributes to the development of both the individual and the community.

But our present educational system is not able to fulfil these objectives as most private and government institutions are not implementing what was initially promised and planned. Most of these institutions focus on completing the syllabus in time to get outstanding results through excellent scores and ranks. Unfortunately, their concentration is not on the holistic growth of an individual. Taking a holistic approach to education means focusing on all aspects of a child’s growth, including their social, emotional, physical, mental and intellectual growth. The grooming of an individual is incomplete without imparting values, skills and personality development, which aid in setting up their successful career and life.

Today’s students often lack life skills as its not part of their academic syllabus. As such, post their education, most of them fail in real life because of a lack of confidence and knowledge about facing social challenges, resulting in compromised values that have a long-term effect on society. Only a few succeed owing to their exceptional intelligence or solid financial background. It is more than time that our education system needs a change.

Tapasvi, with this ideology, aims to provide modern education to economically deprived, challenged and orphaned children by fostering critical thinking, life skills, value education, analytical skills and decision-making skills. Tapasvi’s initiative in implementing the ancient system of Gurukulam where a student starts the day with Surya namaskaras, yoga, and exercises, is a step towards the same. Our daily school routine starts with prayer, meditation, moral stories and motivational speeches. The regular academic curriculum is completed by noon, then post-noon sessions in mathematics, environmental sciences, communication skills, reading, listening, writing and speaking are held. We conduct weekend activities like quizzes, elocution, debate and intercultural programs. We also identify children’s talents and encourage and train them in their interests like drawing, dance, music, games, sports etc.

We provide special training in Karra Saamu for girls as part of self-defense skills in martial arts.

We impart an educational approach that seeks to create a learning experience that will prepare students for the realities of the modern world and groom them to have the right attitude and behaviour to become good citizens of society. We hope to reach our goal by implementing our methods supplemented by our sincere efforts and valuable support from our contributors.

We dream of seeing a day when no Indian child will be deprived of fundamental rights that cover their survival, participation, protection, and development.

Better Education —  Better future

Basic Necessities

We provide the basic necessities like FREE Food, Clothing and Shelter to our children.

Akshara Jyothi Project – Supports Education for children in slums

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress in every society, in every family. – Kofi Annan

Let us remember: One Book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world – Malala Yousafzai

Every eighth urban child in India in the age-group of 0-6 years stays in slums, according to ‘Slums in India – A statistical compendium 2011′ published by the Union government.

“… about 7.6 million children are living in slums in India and they constitute 13.1 per cent of the total child population of the urban areas of the 26 States/ Union Territories reporting slums,” the report compiled by the National Buildings Organisation (NBO) of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation says. (As quoted in, on 15Oct2011)

“Children” who are considered as the future of a nation and tomorrow’s citizens were living in distraught conditions of poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, child labour and abuse. Many of them were  were school drop outs who were wandering on roads aimlessly. All these problems were rampant in such clusters of the society.

We at Tapasvi, wanted to make a difference for these kids and hence started the Akshara Jyothi project to support their educational needs. As a part of this project we have donated books, guides, stationery, bags, etc and have been actively engaged with other volunteers who tutor them for free.

Our volunteers not only guide the children about how education is necessary for their livelihood, but also run awareness campaigns on importance of education for their parents too. They scout for wandering kids and kids who are working as labourers or waiters, collect information about them and counsel their parents on various parameters that contribute to child growth, Education being their primary step towards a better future. Tapasvi, offers complete support for education of children who are interested to study further till they get employed. In few cases, Tapasvi takes care of their hunger too. Our volunteers take personal care that the drop outs have enrolled back at school and have started attending their classes diligently.

Bal Vikas – Value Education for children

The objective of this project, is to impart Value education to the children of all backgrounds. The project aims at training the children to face the outer world with the right attitude and values. We hold personality, character development and spiritual sessions for them apart from games, art and crafts. We have library for children with range of story books, fiction, magazines, dictionaries, reference books, educational books, literature books, biographies, etc. Reading is an exercise to the mind which helps the child develop his/her imagination and thinking. To inculcate the book reading habit in every child, we practise each one, read one concept.